The Complete Book of Southern African Mammals

The Complete Book of Southern African Mammals

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The Complete Book of Southern African Mammals covers each of Southern Africa's 343 mammal species. From the diminutive shrews to the weird and wonderful bats, the carnivores, primates and ungulates (hoofed animals), this guide represents the work of 72 leading authorities in the field of mammal research. More than 400 colour photographs, many submitted by the region's most renowned wildlife photographers, were selected from an initial shortlist of 1, 000. Wherever possible these portray the animals in their natural environments and many depict interesting aspects of behaviour too. The guide is divided into three main sections. The first and most extensive section covers land mammals - from shrews, moles and bats to primates, rabbits, rodents, primates, carnivores and ungulates.dolphin. Stenella. coeruleoalba. The distinctive black lateral stripes from eve to flipper and eve to anus, together with the white V-shaped shoulder blaze originating ... Schools van in size from four to several hundred (average 75 individuals). Males reach a length of 2.5 metres and females 2, 3 metres; weight is approximately 130 kilograms. ... Calves are a metre long at birth and weigh 7-11 kilograms.

Title:The Complete Book of Southern African Mammals
Author:M. G. L. Mills, Lex Hes
Publisher:Struik - 1997-01


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