The Complete Cook

The Complete Cook

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This 1846 work is not an original cookbook, but rather an Americanized adaptation of an English work. James Sanderson, proprietor and chef of the Franklin House Hotel on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, took the original English work and appended his own recipes and adaptations, creating a work that combined the best of American and European cooking of the time. Perhaps one of the first qqinternationalqq cookbooks, this a classic work that deserves to be both read for its value to culinary history and cooked from for its delicious interpretations of classic recipes.Loin of Pork, of five pounds, must be kept at a good distance from the fire, on account of the cracklings and will take about ^two ... longer: stuff it with duck stuffing (252 and 270 ;) score the skin in stripes about a quarter of an inch apart, and rub it with salad oil. ... side, and the ears at each end, which you must take care to make nice and crisp, or you will get scolded, and ^deservedly. ... help, and you :cah reserve some of the inside stuffing to eat with the cold turkey, or to enrich a hash.

Title:The Complete Cook
Author:J Sanderson
Publisher:Applewood Books - 2008-07-01


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