The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook

The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook

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The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook is a superb, reassuring, and comprehensive work. qDr. Spock for€”Elle magazine wrote of its first edition, originally published as The Hound Health Handbook, and now completely revised and updated. qThe bible of dog€”AKC Gazette. qFour bones. The one book every dog owner needs to€”Dog Fancy magazine. qThe go-to resource for keeping pups healthy and happy...Takes the guesswork out of caring for any kind of€”Bookpage. qA definitive€”The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. qThe one book dog owners should not be€”Los Angeles Daily News. qI'm keeping this book on my bedside€”Cindy Adams. Today's dog owners are more attuned to their pets' health and well-being than ever before. And with good reason: Americans spend upward of $10 billion annually on their canine companions. The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook is the one essential and truly readable book for these devoted dog owners. Surpassingly clear and complete, with more than 100 illustrations and diagrams, it covers everything from choosing the best dog to puppy care, nutrition, vaccines, behavior, first aid, and senior care, plus thorough discussions of more than 100 canine illnesses. Reflecting the latest advances in veterinary medicine, this edition offers up-to-the-minute advice on qdesign dogq breeds, pet food safety, homemade diets, changing vaccine protocols, new medications for allergies, car sickness, obesity, and heart disease, developments in surgery and cancer treatment, pet insurance, and more. With The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook, the vet is always in.medicines, both prescription and over-the-counter, have the potential to cause stomach upset, vomiting, or diarrhea in dogs ... whether you should stop giving it, give it with a meal, switch to a different medicine, or bring your dog in for an exam .

Title:The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook
Author:Betsy Brevitz
Publisher:Workman Publishing - 2009-04-16


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