The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boosting Your Metabolism

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boosting Your Metabolism

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Make your body work for its own good. In The Complete Idiot's GuideAr to Boosting Your Metabolism, noted cardiologist Dr. Joseph Lee Klapper takes readers from what the metabolism is and how it works through the many ways to raise it, including by what we eat and drink, both independently and in combination. Also, Dr. Klapper's exercise plan helps readers to reduce fat and increase muscle, and his recipes show readers how delicious it can be to be a booster! ?Not a 'quick-fix, long-term failure' plan, this book offers a lifestyle change that will lead to sustained improvement ?Explains factors beyond readers' control - heredity, age, and sex - and helps them boost the metabolism they have ?Medically proven diet information and a sound exercise planThe Olympic bar is found in most health clubs that cater to both novice weight lifters and professional bodybuilders and power lifters ... Most beginning weight lifters can start with the 45-lb. bar, which is ideal for a€” among others a€” teenagers, women beginning weight training, and the elderly ... The weight of lightweight clamps is negligible; some gyms have screw-on clamps that weigh 5 lbs. apiece. injuryanbsp;...

Title:The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boosting Your Metabolism
Author:Dr. Joseph Klapper
Publisher:Penguin - 2008-12-02


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