The Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies & Toddlers

The Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies & Toddlers

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Sleep, or rather the lack of it, is the issue of paramount concern to the overwhelming majority of new parents. Getting enough sleep is vital for the health of a growing baby or toddler, and the sanity of mums and dads. Yet striking the right balance between their differing needs can be hard to achieve. Once sleep problems set in, they can fast demoralise and exhaust parents, undermining confidence in their ability to cope. Gina Ford has come to the rescue with her answer: the key to a good night's sleep for the whole family lies in teaching parents to understand the changing sleep needs of their growing baby. This book informs and reassures parents, dispelling many common myths and anxieties and offering practical solutions that work. By creating a structure of regular feeding, sleeping and playing times, Gina explains how parents can help their baby to find a rhythm that will be comfortable for all concerned. Whether parents want to establish good sleeping habits from the start, or find they need to cure sleep problems and get their child back on track, Gina has the answers.However, I did not want him to get over-tired, so the following day Lucinda took Harry for a long walk in his buggy at each of his day-time naps. ... Do not be pressurised into weaning early just get your baby sleeping through the night. In myanbsp;...

Title:The Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies & Toddlers
Author:Gina Ford
Publisher:Random House - 2012-03-31


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