The Complete Story of the Grail

The Complete Story of the Grail

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The mysterious and haunting Grail makes its first appearance in literature in ChrActien de Troyes' Perceval at the end of the twelfth century. But ChrActien never finished his poem, leaving an unresolved story and an incomplete picture of the Grail. It was, however, far too attractive an idea to leave. Not only did it inspire quite separate works; his own unfinished poem was continued and finally completed by no fewer than four other writers. The Complete Story of the Grail is the first ever translation of the whole of the rich and compelling body of tales contained in ChrActien's poem and its four Continuations, which are finally attracting the scholarly attention they deserve. Besides ChrActien's original text, there are the anonymous First Continuation (translated here in its fullest version), the Second Continuation attributed to Wauchier de Denain, and the intriguing Third and Fourth Continuations - probably written simultaneously, with no knowledge of each other's work - by Manessier and Gerbert de Montreuil. Two other poets were drawn to create preludes explaining the background to ChrActien's story, and translated here also are their works: The Elucidation Prologue and Bliocadran. Only in this, The Story of the Grail's complete form, can the reader appreciate the narrative skill and invention of the medieval poets and their surprising responses to ChrActien's theme - not least their crucial focus on the knight as a crusader. Equally, ChrActien's original poem was almost always copied in conjunction with one or more of the Continuations, so this translation represents how most medieval readers would have encountered it. Nigel Bryant's previous translations from Medieval French include Perlesvaus - the High Book of the Grail, Robert de Boron's trilogy Merlin and the Grail, the Medieval Romance of Alexander, The True Chronicles of Jean le Bel and Perceforest.GUINIER LURES THE SERpENT 169 see, take off your clothes and climb in; your sweetheart Guinier will climb in the other and entice the ... He sank in right up to the neck, so that the snake was plunged in the vinegar, making it writhe in pain. ... I conjure you, serpent, by God the almighty king, let go of my beloveda#39;s arm and fasten to my breast! for I am white and plump and soft a€“ youa#39;ll be well off with me!

Title:The Complete Story of the Grail
Author:Chretien, Chr Troyes, Nigel Bryant
Publisher:Boydell & Brewer Ltd - 2015-04-01


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