The Complete Sun Tzu for Business Success

The Complete Sun Tzu for Business Success

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Business today is war. As you and your company fight your way back from the recession, you need to take the high ground and make a stand. You need to know how to recapture customers, boost your profit margins, rally your workforce, and identify the competition's weakness to gain an advantage. More than twenty-five centuries ago, the brilliant Chinese military theorist Sun Tzu explained how to accomplish these things. True, he was talking about warfare. But as you'll see in this comprehensive survey, his strategies apply equally well to today's business scene. With the help of Gerald and Steven Michaelson, two of the greatest experts in applying Sun Tzu to today's business climate, you'll learn how to use ancient wisdom to manage your workforce, execute your policies, and find success in both business and your personal life. Use this book to map a battle plan for victory!Garlanda#39;s supermarkets in Los Angeles does this with a uniquely Californian dAccor schemea€”reinforcing its local roots and ownership. ... When it is done, companies from Nestle to Tesco report, what they know about their customers, and how they can take action on that knowledge, ... That adds to the competitive insulation.

Title:The Complete Sun Tzu for Business Success
Author:Gerald A. Michaelson, Steven Michaelson
Publisher:Adams Media - 2011-09-15


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