The Complete Tai Chi Tutor

The Complete Tai Chi Tutor

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Dan Docherty's The Complete Tai Chi Tutor leads you on a spiritual journey towards understanding the key principles and history of the art of Tai Chi. It investigates what is known and unknown concerning the origins and history of Tai Chi, from the ancient texts of Chinese civilization to the 21st century, and explores some key questions on the way. Docherty considers the practicalities of teaching, reviewing the fundamentals and benefits of practice, and demonstrates some highly efficacious but little-known drills, as well as fundamental practice and key Long Form techniques. In addition, he explores the martial and self-defence application of some of the fundamental techniques. Finally, Docherty offers guidance on becoming a Tai Chi instructor and explores areas of tuition, competitions and styles. This illustrated guide offers you sequential directions on key techniques, such as Single Whip, Vanguard Arms and Seven Stars, with descriptions on how to do major form techniques. Moves are clearly demonstrated through the use of step-by-step photography and text. Whether you have some Tai Chi knowledge of if you are looking to become an advanced practitioner, this guide will take your practice to the next level.A structured course to achieve professional expertise Dan Docherty ... Making the opponent fall and then hitting him or hitting him to make him fall. ... Frolic Hygienic exercise attributed to the famous physician, Hua Tuo (3rd century BCE) External alchemy/Wai Dan) Use of herbs/drugs etc. to stimulate the life force. Fa Jin Discharging force. Fighters Song One of the five major Tai Chi Chuan Classics.

Title:The Complete Tai Chi Tutor
Author:Dan Docherty
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2015-09-07


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