The Concrete Cowboy Iii

The Concrete Cowboy Iii

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Continuing story about a cowboy bumpkin trucker traveling the Hyways and Byways of the country with his almost seven foot tall sidekick Zeke and his wee little three pound Pomeranian Spike.Before he reached the exit, the security guard cut him off in the truck stopa€Ÿs pickup truck, which he used for patrolling the lot. ... that was used to doing things just the way that he wanted to, no matter how much it interfered with, inconvenience or even harmed others, would have known this. ... known as coffee, but did not relate it to being one of the same as he had just encountered in the television lounge.

Title:The Concrete Cowboy Iii
Author:Stephan R. Hutchinson
Publisher:Stephan R Hutchinson - 2008-05-29


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