The Control Discipline

The Control Discipline

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If you live in the United States of America - It is an inescapable fact - your life is controlled by something or someone. Certainly you qbelieveq yourself to be independent and self-controlling, but that is far from the reality. History, environment, family, relatives, friends, and society all play a significant role in shaping your daily activity. This work is presented in three parts. The Self Control Discipline teaches how to rise above the norm and possess control in a manner that will change forever the way you perceive others through your own eyes. More important, it will change forever the way others see and interact with you. The Sexual Control Discipline demonstrates how to control others sexually attracted to you. Make no mistake; we live in a sexual society. Although most women erroneously believe they possess the ability to control men in the sexual environment, this work will show them their belief is wrong and misguided. Learn to take advantage of the premise regardless of your sexual inclinations. The Environmental Control Discipline teaches how to control those in your surrounds, including your boss, significant other, children, family, and friends. In the final analysis-If one wants to control mice One cannot be a mouse.For women with smaller breasts, not only is a pushup bra highly recommended, but it should be considered a vital necessity. ... a great many women use a€œfakea€ nails or nails applied over the stubs of the originals. Salons offering ... Squared ends or designs are inapplicable to this discipline and should be avoided at all costs.

Title:The Control Discipline
Author:Wendell Johnson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-07


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