The Cossacks

The Cossacks

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The term a€˜Cossacka€™ was originally applied to the Tartar raiders who roamed the Southern Plain, the word coming from the Turko-Tartar, meaning at first a€˜free adventurera€™. In the 15th century when it began to refer to a people ditinguished by their own tongue and customs who formed separate communities. These strong, free Cossack communities were seen as a threat to the Tsar until in 1671 they were obliged to swear fealty. From that date onwards Cossacks served in all of Russiaa€™s wars, most famously when 50, 000 Don Cossacks fought against Napoleon of which nearly half died in battle or on campaign. The Cossacks eventually developed their own military structure with rank titles, uniforms and equipment all of which are detailed in in this volume.They affected colourful Tartar clothes, wearing the hair of the head shaven except for a topknot and long mustachios. But there was one great distinction which set the Zaporozhians apart from all other Cossacks. Whereas the Cossacks on theanbsp;...

Title:The Cossacks
Author:Albert Seaton
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 1972


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