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In this humorous tale, the Thompson brothers bring 'The Cousinsq to a Dude Ranch. A wonderful experience for the Cousins and their family, and their girlfriends and boyfriend and their families, as well as the bodyguards and their families, all dressing and living back in the 1800's in their Western town, Western attire and Horses, whom the Cousins wished would have been Horsy Box trained, and become upset when out riding and learn they don't have rain gear in the saddle bags. Funny account of the Cousins and their bodyguards who didn't like the idea they didn't have rain gear in their saddle bags either. This story also brings the Cousins into college. The Thompson brothers decide to allow 'The Cousins' to have their own baseball stadium where there are truly qAngels in the outfield' with all kinds of supernatural happenings in order to protect 'The Cousins'.DUDE RANCH Amethyst E. Manual. scream and ran onto the ice and with his teeth grabbed Trenta#39;s ... and handed the phone to Vic. a€œHey Mike, ita#39;s Vic Thompson, I need a casket that would fit a Golden Retriever.a€ Vic said as he kissed Trent on.

Author:Amethyst E. Manual
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-05-29


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