The Cowboy Cavalry

The Cowboy Cavalry

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When Native and MActis unrest escalated into the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, settlers in southern Alberta's cattle country were terrified. Three major First Nations bordered their range, and war seemed certain. In anticipation, 114 men mustered to form the Rocky Mountain Rangers, a volunteer militia charged with ensuring the safety of the open range between the Rocky Mountains and the Cypress Hills. The Rangers were a motley crew, from ex-Mounties and ex-cons to retired, high-ranking military officials and working, ranch-hand cowpokes. Membership qualifications were scant: ability to ride a horse, knowledge of the prairies, and preparedness to die. This is their story, inextricably linked to the dissensions of the day, rife with skirmishes, corruption, jealousies, rumour, innuendo and gross media sensationalising . . . all bound together with what author Gordon Tolton terms qa generous helping of gunpowderq. Tolton's meticulous research reveals unexplored perspectives and little-known details. Be prepared for surprises!After Big Beara#39;s followers escaped into Montana, leadership was assumed by Imasees. For more than 30 years, his people lived a miserable, homeless existencea€”wandering throughout Montana, living off meagre hunting, selling deer hidesanbsp;...

Title:The Cowboy Cavalry
Author:Gordon E. Tolton
Publisher:Heritage House Publishing Co - 2011


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