The Cracking Tower

The Cracking Tower

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End-of-the-world paranoia has been with us since time immemorial. Now, with the end of the legendary Mayan a€œlong counta€ calendar looming on December 21, 2012 and recent threats of a worldwide economic collapse triggering widespread apprehension and a search for answers, The Cracking Tower offers an arsenal of strategies to turn these fears into an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. Beginning with a lively memoir of the authora€™s experiences in the a€™60s, the book goes on to explore apocalyptic thinking through perennial philosophy, shamanism, gnostic mysticism, the body as a vessel of consciousness (and death as a€œan extended out-of-body experiencea€), and psychedelics. Shaping the discussion is the fascinating metaphor of the cracking tower, an apparatus for distilling gasoline, as a vehicle for distilling our awareness. Rather than speculating on what might occur in 2012, DeKorne proposes vigilance of a more introspective sort. a€œThe important thing, a€ he says, a€œis to ignore the finger and strive to comprehend the moon, a€ to see what our apocalyptic tendencies reveal about ourselves. From the Trade Paperback edition.Ita#39;s more than enough to do the ego-Work in the space in which I find myselfa€”let the superior aspects of my psyche worry about integrations I cannot even imagine at this stage. Ia#39;ve had enough DMT and Salvia trips to know when Ia#39;m in wayanbsp;...

Title:The Cracking Tower
Author:Jim DeKorne
Publisher:North Atlantic Books - 2010-05-18


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