The Creative Problem Solver ePub eBook

The Creative Problem Solver ePub eBook

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Problem solving tools to solve any business challenge. Using proven, innovative techniques from some major players in the business world, this is the go-to book for every professional who wants to find better answers to their business challenges.To start with you could have a look at the ones below: a#39;The solutionmust cost nothing. ... a#39;The solution must make things simpler. ... Such as a#39;Our solution must be ethical, like The Body Shop would doa#39;, ora#39;Our solution must involve fashion as Vogue would doa#39;. ... now youa#39;retrying todoit without the final solution involving people at all a€“ which might notonlygive youan unexpected answer, but one thata#39;s not subject to human error or costs. ... Likeback when Apple launched the Macbook Air.

Title:The Creative Problem Solver ePub eBook
Author:Ian Atkinson
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2014-07-15


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