The Daily Record

The Daily Record

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Today, we live in an age of information. Television, radio, newspaper, magazines and now the Internet, inundate the Lord's people with tons of information. While there is nothing wrong with healthy information and knowledge, much of what we see today is bent upon destroying the foundation of homes, families, marriages and the faith that was once delivered to the Saints. Not only have I observed the damage that this has done in the lives of others, I have personally had my faith shaken by Satan's propaganda. Day after day, being exposed to such information, my heart was stirred to raise up a banner, not only to teach, but to challenge false information and tear down Satan's strongholds. The first 14 articles deal with the subject of creation. This subject alone has been under constant attack. All of the articles are suitable for devotional material. They may also be used by parents to teach their children many biblical truths from God's word. Each article is short, concise, simple enough for the child, yet deep enough for the theologian.I have heard it said that children do not come with an ownera#39;s manual, therefore trial and error is the best we can do. But amidst the ... Since everything that it comes in contact with will affect its future health, the t.v. show they. 57 Article #24 anbsp;...

Title:The Daily Record
Author:Neil M. Phelan, Jr.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-12-01


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