The Dark of Light

The Dark of Light

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Something is wrong in Idaho Falls. Bodies are appearing, stripped of their skin and disposed of in public places. There are no witnesses to the murders and no suspects. Brad Vansicle and Jeff 'Tark' Tarkelson are detectives in this small town and they have watched with growing horror as the murders increase in frequency. Unable to find any viable suspects all they can do is document the murders, collect what little evidence there is and wait for the killer to make a mistake.The Regs, a group of friends that eat at the North Highway CafAc every night, are talking about the day and life in general. Tonight one of The Regs is lost in his own world. He is lost in the horror of what he witnessed the night before; he doesn't know that what he has seen will pull this group of six friends into a terrifying secret. Before last night he was happy in his life. Before last night he was unaware. Now he knows about the dark. The Dark of Light.Just inside the doorway lay the salesman, his eyes wide open in a terror filled scream that never escaped his lips. The skin on half of ... When the crowd neared the video game store they all paused at the window to peer inside. Jerry knew theyanbsp;...

Title:The Dark of Light
Author:Greg Burau
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-04


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