The Dark Princess

The Dark Princess

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Evil can be a corrosive force. especially when you grow up within it. The Dark Princess is a fifteen-year-old who realizes the evil reign of her uncle, the Dark King, must be stopped before the land of Taintis falls into turmoil.That to her is known, but her name is not. The journey she takes gives her a new outlook on her country and its inhabitants. The Dark Princess meets magical creatures, unusual circumstances and complicated, secretive people. Who is an ally, who is an enemy? Her adventure leads her to see who she really is and who she has yet to become. Is the Dark Princess on her way to defeating Darkness, or are her actions and choices only going to pull Taintis further under her uncle's influence? She knows the Dark King and his force of Darkness are evil, merciless and blood thirsty. but can the Dark Princess wash that all away to find freedom and peace for the citizens of Taintis? And for herself? Amanda Kostro, now fourteen, began The Dark Princess when she was twelve. She had such an urge to write, that she would take advantage of any opportunity, often writing through the night in lieu of sleep. The idea for The Dark Princess came suddenly while riding in the car. The story unfolded around the central idea of a girl, born into evil, who eventually realizes she must escape the maleficent bonds of her childhood in order to change the future for herself and the citizens of Taintis. Amanda lives in Riverside, Illinois. An only child, she shares her life with a menagerie of animals including a dog, cats, birds and her horse Micki. She recently graduated from Hauser Junior High School and will be an incoming freshman at Riverside Brookfield High School in the fall. When asked if there will be a continuation of The Dark Princess, Amanda reports, qI think there is more to the story. I just have to write it.q For updates, check out: www.thedarkprincess.netOh, the creature realized sadly, we don a#39;t have Fenton... Myles, weaving a blade of dry grass around his fingers, locked his blue eyes to the ground. Sunlight burned on ... Throwing one piece if grass away, he thought, Ia#39;m lost. Father knew where to go and what to do, but he a#39;s up in the air flying our dragon. Myles shreddedanbsp;...

Title:The Dark Princess
Author:Amanda Kostro
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2008-08


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