The Daughter Dilemma

The Daughter Dilemma

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Part of the family? Kari Churchill came to Colorado to learn more about her father, a man who spent more time traveling the world than he did with his family. While retracing his last days, spent in this glorious mountain wilderness, Kari meets the D'Angelos, a family who runs the Lightning River Lodge. They take a shine to Kari, especially Tessa, a fourteen-year-old girl who's in need of some female attention. Nick loves his family, but his matchmaking parents, pestering sister and strict aunts are starting to drive him nuts. Worst of all, someone has replaced his sweet baby daughter, Tessa, with a moody, rebellious kid. Kari is the only one who seems to be able to get through to hera€”and she's getting through to Nick, too. Could it be that she'd like to become a permanent addition to the family?a€œI have to go, a€ she said. a€œI have a boatload of homework to do, and Dad will have a hissy fit if I dona#39;t make a dent in it before he gets home. Plus Ia#39;m making him an early dinner tonight.a€ In another moment she was gone, and Kari was left toanbsp;...

Title:The Daughter Dilemma
Author:Ann Evans
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-02-15


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