The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

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The planet is warming up and as the ice caps melt, the great currents of the oceans shift and the Northern Hemisphere is plunged into a new ice age. One scientist has the key to turning back the clock of global warming. But as Western civilisation succumbs to blizzards and tidal waves and the population of the Northern hemisphere begins a mass exodus south, mankind's only saviour is making a lonely, terror-filled trip north. To a New York disappearing under snowdrifts hundreds of feet high. The city where his son was last heard of.How long does it take twenty million Americans to freeze to death? ... And was that actual silk on the walls or just wallpaper that looked like tan silk? He decided that the wallpaper in the foyer probably cost more than every stick ... She had remembered one of their conversations, when hea#39;d confided to her how much he missed his dad. ... They went into a sort of solarium that was full of plants, orchids and bromeliads in full bloom, and something that reminded him of what tropic nightsanbsp;...

Title:The Day After Tomorrow
Author:Whitley Strieber
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2010-11-11


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