The Day I Was Sent to the Principal’s Office

The Day I Was Sent to the Principal’s Office

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From the time he was a child, Steve Russo knew that he wanted to be an educator. It was his dream to be a teacher, to influence and shape young lives and minds, and he has lived that dream for twenty-eight years. As with many teachers, he didna€™t get into the field for money, but his rewards have been many and rich over his career. As an administrator, he encouraged his teachers to remember the daily opportunity to influence and inspire their studentsa€”and to make those influences powerfully positive ones. Ita€™s a rule he tries to live by every day. He starts with the story of his first trip to the principala€™s office as a young student. In a deliciously ironic turn, he has returned to that same officea€”this time, behind the desk, as the principal. Now he shares some of his favorite memories from a life lived as a public school administrator. These stories are not only a representation of his career in education but also a reflection of his life. All the stories are true, with no details exaggerated to enhance the storiesa€”because in the life of an administrator, fact can be more amusing than fiction.One afternoon boredom came quickly, so one of the students asked me to make paper airplanes for them to play with while waiting for the bus. Wanting to keep ... I sat in my office making four planes: two that flew far and two that did tricks.

Title:The Day I Was Sent to the Principal’s Office
Author:Steve Russo
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-05-01


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