The Day of the Locust

The Day of the Locust

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The Day of the Locust is a 1939 novel by American author Nathanael West, set in Hollywood, California, during the Great Depression. Its themes deal with the alienation and desperation of a broad group of odd individuals who exist at the fringes of the Hollywood movie industry. Nathanael West, born Nathan Weinstein (1903a€“1940), was an American author, screenwriter and satirist. In 1998, the Modern Library ranked The Day of the Locust #73 on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century. Time magazine included the novel in its list of 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005, and noted critic Harold Bloom included it in his list of canonical works in the book The Western Canon. The novel was adapted into the critically acclaimed film The Day of the Locust (1975), directed by John Schlesinger. The book follows a young man named Tod Hackett who thinks of himself as a painter and artist, but who works in Hollywood as a costume designer and background painter. He falls in love with Faye Greener, an aspiring starlet who lives nearby. Between his work in the studio and his introduction to Faye's friends, he is soon interacting with numerous Hollywood hangers-on, including a cowboy who lives in the hills above the studios and works as an extra in cowboy movies, his Mexican friend who keeps fighting cocks, and Homer Simpson, a lonely businessman exploited by Faye. The book ends with a riot at a movie premiere.When he used it on his friends, they played with him like one does with a growling puppy, staving off his mad rushes and then baiting him to rush again. ... He had spent most of Sunday looking for a place to live and was full of the subject.

Title:The Day of the Locust
Author:Nathanael West
Publisher:Nathanael West - 2015-04-18


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