The Dayton Flight Factory

The Dayton Flight Factory

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The Wright brothers are known around the world as the inventors of the airplane. But few people know Wilbur and Orville invented the airplane in Dayton, Ohioa€”their hometowna€”not in North Carolina, where they tested it. Efforts to preserve historic places in the Dayton region where the Wright brothers lived and worked are paying off. Today, you can stroll the Wright brothersa€™ neighborhood, see the original 1905 Wright Flyer III and walk the prairie where they flew it. A project to restore the Wright brothersa€™ factorya€”the first American factory built to produce airplanesa€”will complete the picture. In this book, author Timothy R. Gaffney uses historical research and todaya€™s aviation heritage sites to retell the story of the Wright brothers from a hometown wheels is about done for this year, but the repairing business is good. ... He thought teaching might make a good career; whileitpaid lessthan some other professions, a€œthe payis sufficient to allow one to live comfortably and happily, and is lesssubject to ... A replica Wright bicycle stands on display inside the restored.

Title:The Dayton Flight Factory
Author:Timothy R. Gaffney
Publisher:The History Press - 2014-06-24


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