The Deathday Letter

The Deathday Letter

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Oliver lives in a world where at some point in their lives, everyone receives a Deathday Letter, a letter that kindly lets you know you have twenty-four hours left to live. Abraham Lincoln received one, Heath Ledger received one, and on an otherwise typical Thursday morning, fifteen-year-old Oliver Travers receives one. Bummer. With his best friend by his side, Ollie has one day left to live life to the fullest, go on every adventure possiblea€band set things right with the girl of his dreams.wona#39;t come out. Finally I give up and stand. My shorts try to fall, but I grab and hold them with one hand. a€œOkay, Ronnie, you win. This is exactly what you think it is.a€ a€œAll you ever care about is where you can stick your Wiimote!a€ Ronnie yellsanbsp;...

Title:The Deathday Letter
Author:Shaun David Hutchinson
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-06-15


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