The Definitive Guide to Berkeley DB XML

The Definitive Guide to Berkeley DB XML

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The Definitive Guide to Berkeley DB XML covers Sleepycat's Berkeley DB XML, an open source embedded XML database. Berkeley DB XML runs on all major operating systems and has support for the most popular programming languages. The book includes tutorials and complete language references for C++, Java, Perl, Python, and PHP. Berkeley DB XML has the potential to dramatically simplify the development of your application's data tier. With native XML storage, flexible indexing, and the powerful XQuery query language (think SQL for XML), BDB XML provides everything you need for efficient XML management. Combined with Berkeley DB's transactions, logging, and replication, BDB XML is a powerful document storage solution. Author Danny Brian presents XML basics from the ground up for XML beginners, and covers database installation and configuration, the core concepts behind Berkeley DB XML, a look at application architecture, demonstrations of simple operations (i.e., text queries) to complex (i.e., set computations) using XQuery and FLWOR expressions, document indexing options, and a thorough look at the database APIs. Youa€™ll learn tips and tricks that you can immediately apply to your own applications. Table of Contents A Quick Look at Berkeley DB XML The Power of an Embedded XML Database Installation and Configuration Getting Started Environments, Containers, and Documents Indexes XQuery with BDB XML BDB XML with C++ BDB XML with Python BDB XML with Java BDB XML with Perl BDB XML with PHP Managing DatabasesBy contrast, a€œembedding a databasea€ means that the product does not run a daemon ofits own. If you imagine the libraries used by mysqld, for example and import them directly into your own program, you have an embedded database. Rather than connecting over ... Embedding has many advantages over daemons, including application portability and the relative ease of deployment. By embedding theanbsp;...

Title:The Definitive Guide to Berkeley DB XML
Author:Danny Brian
Publisher:Apress - 2006-08-22


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