The Desert Gardener's Calendar

The Desert Gardener's Calendar

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What's the best time to plant or prune? When should you fertilize fruit trees? What's the earliest date to set out tomato plants? Gardeners in the desert Southwest can't rely on books that try to cover the whole country. Summer heat, less rain, and shorter, unreliable growing seasons are important factors in the desert. That's why The Desert Gardener's Calendar can be essential to gardening success. Whether you're raising vegetables, nursing citrus trees, or just trying to keep your front yard looking its best, you'll find that this handy book gives you a valuable month-by-month perspective on the year. It helps you to focus on necessary activities and reminds you of simple tasks you might overlook. It's especially valuable for people who've moved to the desert regions from other parts of the country and follow old gardening dates that seldom apply to their new home. The Desert Gardener's Calendar is a guide to the maintenance you need to do to keep your garden flourishing and your landscape attractive throughout the year. It combines the month-by-month gardening and landscaping activities from two separate books by George Brookbank--Desert Gardening, Fruits and Vegetables and Desert Landscaping--and was created in response to readers who have found the calendar sections of those books especially invaluable. And because not all deserts are the same, Brookbank is careful to point out differences in scheduling encountered by gardeners in low- and middle-elevation regions in California and the Southwest. qI believe, q says the author, qthat if you use this calendar and let your judgment become more accurate with experience, you'll soon be doing everything right.q Although that might suggest a day when you don't need this book, chances are good that, if you're a desert gardener, right now you do.Although the idea of dwarf fruit trees is attractive a€” we all seem to be living in smaller spaces a€” those varieties have not been fully tested for desert ... At the nursery, you may find container-grown trees displayed alongside bare-root trees.

Title:The Desert Gardener's Calendar
Author:George Brookbank
Publisher:University of Arizona Press - 1999


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