The Destroyers - Book 1 New Beginning

The Destroyers - Book 1 New Beginning

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The Destroyers here, are seven foot tall Insectoid creatures that consider all other life inferior and only good for food. In the year 2476 a Terran Federation exploration cruiser in deep space received a hail from a Federation freighter that was under attack. When the ship got to the scene, they found the freighter being boarded. Using the cruiser's AI, the captain of the cruiser hacked into the freighter's computers. Bringing up a visual, they saw one of the creatures lift up the freighter captain, bite his arm off and start eating it. Thus begins a war that lasts for twenty-two years. Is this the last day of the Terran Federation, or is it the first day of a new Federation? You decide!hundred destroyers patrolling the system, we could set them up in ten divisions of ten each, and use them as hunter killers. ... I know you have these bots and stuff, but can you build them bigger, perhaps something like giant robots? ... With slumping sales in games due to the new law passed in Congress that all computer games produced must be G rated, many companies folded or moved overseas. ... The cost to the US Government was billions in fees, and unemployment benefits.

Title:The Destroyers - Book 1 New Beginning
Author:William V. Rice
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-06-03


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