The Detailed Autobiography of Some Unknown Being

The Detailed Autobiography of Some Unknown Being

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This is a spoof adventure story that follows the life of a being who one day appeared out of nowhere and decides to fight crime as a superhero to discover who he really is. Beware, this story may contain weird sound effects, and words that aren't really words. Containing lots of bizarre scenery changes, and sudden twists and turns along the way, this story will sure keep you at the edge of your seat!We portalized to wherever we were before and quickly and efficiently pulled out yet another portal. This time it ... As we collectively looked to our left, a light flashed, briefly making visible a sign that ... Then, before we could do rock, paper, scissors to see who was going to enter the chasm first, we were suddenly flung backwards and right back into the portal. ... First there was the whole a€œsmoke bomb gone bada€ thing. ... Chapter Five The perpetually putrid Portal conundrum After the ninja.

Title:The Detailed Autobiography of Some Unknown Being
Author:Brent Austen
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-09-19


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