The Determination of Hydrazino-Hydrazide Groups

The Determination of Hydrazino-Hydrazide Groups

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The Determination of Hydrazino-Hydrazide Groups discusses the analytical methods for the analysis of hydrazino, hydrazide, hydrazine, substituted hydrazines, and hydrazine derivatives. It also shows the usefulness of hydrazines and its derivatives as analytical reagents. The book presents a detailed examination of a variety of analytical methods used in determining hydrazines and hydrazides derivatives. These methods include oxidation, colorimetry and spectrophotometry, coulometry, polarography, and gasometric and acid-based methods. The book concludes by discussing the use of hydrazines as analytical reagents. The text is invaluable for everyone interested in hydrazides and hydrazines and their applications.... in the 125 ml flask and add the maleic hydrazide standard (1 ug and up) and water to make a volume of 15 ml water. Heat on a hot plate above 180AdC ( Silicone oil has proved a safe fluid for the temperature well.) ... with a free flame, played over the bottom of the flask. ... condenser by sucking the distillate into the condenser several times, using a rubber suction bulb with an 18/9 male ball joint attached.

Title:The Determination of Hydrazino-Hydrazide Groups
Author:Hugh E. Malone
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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