The Developers

The Developers

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Matt Severnson has assembled a team of hard-working, quasi-geek individuals to build a revolutionary website for a northern Michigan city. The system becomes a big hit despite the group members' idiosyncratic traits. Fast food addiction, incessant sexual tension and heated bingo competition constantly distract the team. While the opportunity arises to build the first nationwide, government-sponsored high-speed Internet portal, the issue comes second to Matt's relationship with Katy, the team's co-leader. They cannot hate each other enough to halt their steamy romance, but they can't love each other enough to share anything but a fish dinner.The Developers mixes the insane and obscene with technology, romance and pop culture. Computer novices (the ones who confuse their CD drive with a cup holder) and experts (the ones who talk to themselves in code that most of mankind has yet to translate) will easily understand the group's urgency and hilarity as it tries to make its mark on the virtual world.Drew imagined the man, who somewhat resembled a hefty Charlton Heston, was about 60 years old, which left him in the toddler section at the bingo hall. ... Not that he would have really stood out anyway a€” he wore a simple green-striped polo shirt and khakis a€” but as ... Some play two full packs of cards, and each pack contains 18 cards. ... a€œIf Ethel wouldna#39;t have hit the bingo, you would have won.

Title:The Developers
Author:Ben Woods
Publisher:Spumoni Press - 2005-05-13


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