The Deviant Underground

The Deviant Underground

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Even with the ability to stop time, you still can run out of it. Kathryn should be institutionalized or incarcerated. Thata€™s what happens to deviantsa€”people born with unusual abilities. And if the government knew she can teleport and stop time, she can say good bye to her freedom. Not that her life is all that great anyway. Her inability to control her gifts forces her to keep everyone at a distance. Few friends. No meaningful romantic relationships. Until Susan introduces her to Charge, that is. When the 6a€™4a€ guy with the caramel-colored skin and million-watt smile shows up at her door, she lets her guard down. What she discovers is that her best friend and her new lover have gifts of their own, and therea€™s an entire underground network of undetected deviants living freely in society. Kathryna€™s brought into the fold with open arms, and shea€™s finally found something shea€™s never hada€”a family. But now, people are disappearing. Some come back weeks later with strange scars, sutured wounds, and missing limbs, with no memory of what happened. Some dona€™t come back at all. When Charge becomes the next victim, Kathryn is willing to teleport to the edge of the world to find him, but confronting the mastermind behind the kidnappings puts her life in jeopardy. And when the rescue attempt goes horribly wrong, she wonders if dying might have been a better idea. Warning: This book contains teleportation, mind control, and sparks that fly in sexy--and possibly deadly--ways.Free car repair.a€ a€œI guess, except I havena#39;t been back to Dallas foryears.a€ Kathryn was abouttoaskwhy when Sam gotupwith the ... The bright, yellow spring sunlight shonein through the windows Kathrynhadleft open, and the soft breeze made the ... She was hoping that forthe first time, Sam would see more of it. ... including the tv screen. ... They were sitting sunnily in a vase on thetable in front of the couch.

Title:The Deviant Underground
Author:Elisabeth Roseland
Publisher:Magnificent Mile Publishing - 2014-05-22


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