The Diary of Umbrella Bryony

The Diary of Umbrella Bryony

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This true story is about an exceptionally long-suffering woman who had a dark cloud over her life for almost four decades. Through this time, she continued to stay positive and find the brighter side of things. One day, that dark cloud became more than she could bear, and she made plans to commit suicide. Just before she was about to kill herself, she heard the music of a legendary singer and musician who changed her entire life and helped to guide her on the spiritual path that made her who she is today. Ever since, she has practiced music therapy using the songs of Elton John. Through music therapy, her true essence began to come out, and she started writing lyrics, books, and playing musical instruments. It's as if she and this musician had some sort of mysterious spiritual connection. This was when that tormenting dark cloud finally ended, and she began to experience good luck, dreams coming true, and amazing miracles. It's as if this musician was her guardian angel. qAll of the songs mentioned in this book can be found at this website: http: // Feel free to stream, download, share or leave a comment. I look forward to reading what you think of them. Thank you for purchasing my€œYou know, I bet he will subconsciously remember you if you two were to meet. ... Do you mind if I share your story with Elton Johna€ These people may very well be correct in what they say, however, I believe if ... I believe we came into this lifetime apart for a reason, therefore, I do not want to interfere with the propose we bothanbsp;...

Title:The Diary of Umbrella Bryony
Author:Umbrella Rain Bryony
Publisher:Author House - 2013-08-01


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