The Diatom World

The Diatom World

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Diatom biology, genomics and ecology are becoming more relevant to the human species. While there have been recent compilations of some of the applied aspects of diatoms, and the dizzying pace of taxonomic revisions, this new volume bring us up to date on their classification, biology and ecology, as well as covering the topics of genomics and applied uses. In this collection, some of the leaders in diatom research present either new information or summarize recent research efforts on a wide range of topics, including the tree of life of diatoms, their classifications, the wide habitats and ecological spectra the group exploits, as well as the beauty of their form. This volume celebrates the diversity, emerging areas of research and fascinating ecology of the diatoms bringing this group of world-renown and emerging research leaders together. 'The Diatom World' will foster greater appreciation and research contributions on this incredibly diverse and fascinating group of organisms.... (Theriot et al., 2009). we also tested recent molecular results indicating nonmonophyly of raphid diatoms (e.g., Sato et al., 2008). ... In order to demonstrate the sensitivity of the tree to analysis parameters, we ran the data under the gTR+g+I model (gTRgAMMAI) as per ... Buckley, 2004), and reran the analysis under gTR+g (gTRgAMMA) as per the suggestions of the RAxML manual (Stamatakis, 2006).

Title:The Diatom World
Author:Joseph Seckbach, Patrick Kociolek
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-07-23


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