The Dirtiest Toilet Humor Book Ever

The Dirtiest Toilet Humor Book Ever

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qI am speechless. The Dirtiest Toilet Humor Book Ever is the most disgusting, crude book I have ever read. I am ashamed to say my son wrote this. Where did I go wrong?q -Mother of Author Michael Ryan, too embarrassed to give her name qI succeeded! It is clear that my superb parenting skills paid off. The Author, Michael Ryan, tells the A to Zs of shit taking. He demonstrates his expertise on the always funny material of the infamous #2.q -Proud Father of Author Michael Ryan, who's wife wouldn't let him give his first name The Dirtiest Toilet Humor Book Ever was written for anyone who wants to laugh out loud about the topic of taking a crap. Author Michael Ryan displays his expertise on the often unspoken everyday experience of going to the bathroom. He dissects every imaginable issue from the toilet paper texture to the writings on the bathroom stall doors. A few of the many other topics covered are: types of doody, locations, bathroom spray, courtesy flush, the bidet, what to do while going to the bathroom, types of farts, clogging the bowl, activities, wiping (sitting vs. standing), diarrhea, hemorrhoids, girls, masturbation, constipation and public toilets in various countries.It remains there until you shower and wash your ass. These little guys are not that easy to remove. You have to pull them off. Essentially youa#39;re pulling the ass hair out in order to get the dingleberry. These guys hurt. CONS TI PATI ON This isanbsp;...

Title:The Dirtiest Toilet Humor Book Ever
Author:Michael Ryan
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-03-01


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