The Divine Spark

The Divine Spark

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The Divine Spark is the emotional story of a young scientist in Atlanta who wins the Nobel Prize for Medicine for re-sparking life into mice after death. The discovery triggers an attempt by a powerful group of people with a hidden agenda to control and use the research for an extraordinary purpose. The young scientist is emotionally devastated by the death of his wife while the powerful group drives him into attempting to re-spark life into a dead gorilla and, later, a human. He deals with animal and human rights protestors, Washington politicians and even a voodoo ceremony. Driven to perform his gruesome acts at several locations on his way to the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. Will the motive of the group come to light? Will human tradition survive this ordeal? Experience the twists and turns firsthand with The Divine Spark.I pointed to the file and Doctor Ling as I said, a€œWell, we understand the make up of mice brains, gorilla brains and human brains, and their ... But, how did you think of the equations, and how to relate them to mice, gorillas and humans? ... If the attributes could be passed on, we would be able to create a super race of mice.

Title:The Divine Spark
Author:Manson Case
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-12


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