The Doctor is In(sane)

The Doctor is In(sane)

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Shrinking budgets, stressful conditions, demanding patients: todaya€™s medical professionals face enormous pressure. Whata€™s a doctor to do? For Dave Hepburn, the only relief is in relishing the ridiculousness of it all. In his first book, the GP and popular columnist proves the adage about laughter and medicine. He tackles a variety of health issues, from smoking (a€œthe nicotine patch works best when placed directly over the moutha€) to the body mass index (a€œuseless, corrupt, and irrelevanta€) and provides sensible, up-to-date advice about commonplace conditions and remedies while poking good-natured fun at his patients, Britney Spears, lawn bowling, and most of all, himself. Whether tracing the tenuous myth of tendonitis, analyzing the role of acupuncture, or meditating on the Museum of Menstruation, Dr. Dave holds nothing back as he takes on the foibles of human health and modern medicine.Go and get some Atrovent nasal spray. It works. Allergies Another intriguing sign I recall seeing one spring was outside a roadside fruit stand. It read closed for the season, the reason is sneezina#39;. Allergy sufferers (some 15 per cent of theanbsp;...

Title:The Doctor is In(sane)
Author:Dave Hepburn
Publisher:Greystone Books - 2010-02-23


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