The Dog Behavior Problem Solver

The Dog Behavior Problem Solver

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Life with a dog can bring companionship, fun, and joy. Life with a badly behaved dog can bring frustration and heartbreak. Behavior problems are often cited as the main reason for ownersa€™ abandoning their dogs to shelters and surrendering them to rescues, but many of a doga€™s problems can be resolved by a caring owner whoa€™s willing to devote a little time to positive training. In The Dog Behavior Problem Solver, seasoned trainer Teoti Anderson shares her knowledge and experience with dog owners, offering insight into why dogs do what they do while showing owners how to implement reward-based training with their dogs in clear, easy-to-follow steps. INSIDE THE DOG BEHAVIOR PROBLEM SOLVER: a€cA professionala€™s take on canine behavior and misbehavior to help owners better understand their dogs. a€cThe authora€™s training philosophy and how she applies it with her canine clients. a€cThe importance of using positive, or reward-based, training to build and strengthen the dog/owner bond in the process of eliminating unwanted behaviors. a€cA detailed study of the most common behavior issues that dogs exhibit, along with a step-by-step positive-training solution to each of these behaviors.Caroline, the familya#39;s teenage daughter, just wants to cuddle with her puppy, but she cana#39;t pet Sasha for 15 seconds without becoming a pin cushion. ... If your dog still has his baby teeth, this behavior can be extremely painful for you.

Title:The Dog Behavior Problem Solver
Author:Teoti Anderson
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2015-11-03


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