The Dog King

The Dog King

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The novel is set just after World War Two, in a fictitious Germany. The Allies have decided to punish the country for Nazi war crimes by forcing it to develop back in to a pre-industrial society. All the achievements of technology - railways, streets, power, ships - have been destroyed or suspended, and in the village where The Kitahara Syndrome is set, villagers are forced to farm the land with primative tools and scavenge scrap yards. Memories of German war crimes are kept alive by bizarre rituals of remembrance: villagers are forced to dress as concentration camp inmates and act out the ceremonies of torture. This is the background to the story which focuses on three characters and the strange links that bind them.Bering sat on a wooden folding chair between patients who had bandaged heads, bandaged eyes, or wore dark glasses, and he stared ... Would he be any better at finding his way alone on the mule tracks of the Stony Sea than alone in the streets of Brand? ... And yet in these moments of utter confusion, he also felt a strange sense of relief. ... with which this little man approached his secret illness, Bering followed each instruction: laid his chin in a metal head-support and pressed hisanbsp;...

Title:The Dog King
Author:Christoph Ransmayr
Publisher:Random House - 2011-02-15


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