The Doll's House: Exclusive Short Story

The Doll's House: Exclusive Short Story

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Helena is an au pair in Paris, discovering the city and looking after two privileged and beautiful little girls: Sophie and Matilde. ut the longer Helena works for the family, the more the attraction between herself and the twins' father grows. Determined to keep her job, Helena fights her feelings, but the girls seem to know and become increasingly manipulative. Anxious and on edge, Helena is disturbed by the twins' doll's house, an exact replica of their family home - and everyone inside it. When the Dolls are put in strange places and odd things start to happen in the house, seemingly beyond anyone's control, Helena is petrified. And the twins watch and wait... A terrifying and bewitching thriller that will haunt you well past the last page. A short story.Helena dressed in the hallway, as quickly as she could, pulling on her clothes over weak limbs. ... Sophie had put the father and the nanny figures in the toy bed and it had happened in real life too. ... She went to retrieve it, uncomfortable knowing that the dolla#39;s house was behind her, as if it could jump and attack her.

Title:The Doll's House: Exclusive Short Story
Author:Niki Valentine
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-09-13


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