The Donut Emails

The Donut Emails

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So how do you introduce a new employee at a high-tech venture-funded Silicon Valley startup? You have the Chief Donut Officer (CDO) send everyone a Donut Email! Here is an example for the new Director of HR: So what does our new Director of HR do? Let's give an example from another large organization. In qLord of the Rings, q Sauron is the Chief Bad Guy, and he controls a vast army of Orcs, Goblins, and Flying Ringwraiths. How do you keep all these employees happy and productive? You have a Director of In-Human Resources who understands both their needs and also the regulatory environment of Middle Earth. What are the issues of harassment and grievances and on-the-job accidents with spears and battle-axes? The CDO brought Donuts and composed Donut emails nearly every Friday for four years. During that time, Data Domain developed a nifty product, hired a bunch of great people, grew to over $100M in annual sales, and went public. Never underestimate what people will do for a really good Donut.We drink a 7-11 Big Gulp Dr. Pepper from the cup holder in our Super-Crew Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Pick-Up Truck with ... Of course, even the Capacity Optimized Data Domain Restorer with WAN Vaulting cana#39;t do much about backing up aanbsp;...

Title:The Donut Emails
Author:George Schnurle - 2007-12-01


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