The Double Life of Zoe Flynn

The Double Life of Zoe Flynn

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Zoe Flynn has a secret. She used to live in California, in a big old house -- the best house in the world really -- at 18 Hawk Road. It rambled and creaked and was full of good hiding places. She used to have a best friend named Kellen who lived right down the road, and a dog named Merlin who loved to play with her. But now she lives in a little town in Oregon, and everything has changed. Now, Zoe has to be careful. Careful that she doesn't tell anyone, not her friends or her teacher or especially that cop who's been watching her, that she doesn't live at 18 Hawk Road anymore. That now her family lives in an old green van that's cramped and dirty and doesn't even work all the time. Zoe's always hoping that someday she'll find her way back home.... Lyrically written by Janet Lee Carey, The Double Life of Zoe Flynn is a moving novel about hope, family, friendship, and the true definition of a home.Zoe stepped over the rolled-up sleeping bags, yanked her computer costume out, and slammed the door. The van pulled out of sight ... Her teeth chattered as she waited on the front porch, a stray wind blowing up inside her cardboard box. At last Asif ... Jeez, why did Asif have to be the one to get the door? Now he was sureanbsp;...

Title:The Double Life of Zoe Flynn
Author:Janet Lee Carey
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-05-11


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