The Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher

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Dreamcatchers trap bad dreams a€“ but sometimes nightmares escape. Ellen Williams, a Native American with a gift for foretelling the future, is at a loss to explain her terrifying nightmares and the portentous feeling of dread that seems to hang over her like a shroud. When Travis Petersen a€“ an old friend of her brothera€™s a€“ appears in her bookshop The Reading Nook, Ellen cana€™t shake the idea therea€™s a strange connection between her nightmares and Travisa€™ arrival. Suffering from guilt of the car accident which took the lives of his wife and son, Travis is struggling to salvage his life, and believes he has nothing to offer a woman. But Ellena€™s nightmares come true when developers announce a fancy new build, which means pulling down The Reading Nook a€“ and she needs Travisa€™ help. Can Ellen and Travis uncover the link between them and save her bookshop? And will it lead to happiness? A tale of dreams, romance, and of doing the right thing, set on the beautiful Oregon coast.I wasna#39;t like those guys who wanted to stay a€“ stay to make some form of atonement. No, a€ he sighed. ... a€œThata#39;s when I discovered my Native American Heritage. ... Then, when I finished my degree, I sought out an Indian school and taught there.

Title:The Dreamcatcher
Author:Maggie Christensen
Publisher:Maggie Christensen - 2015-05-03


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