The Dusky Dolphin

The Dusky Dolphin

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The Dusky Dolphin: Master Acrobat Off Different Shores covers various topics about the dusky dolphin, including its taxonomy, history and demography, ecology, and behavior. After introducing the dusky dolphin as a member of the genus Lagenorhynchus under the family Delphinidae, the book continues by describing its life history, its demographic patterns, and its role in the food web considering predation, parasitism, and competition. The book also includes chapters that discuss the interaction of the dusky dolphin with its habitats, such as the dusky dolphina€™s sound production, its foraging at night and in daylight, its survival strategies in response to predator threats, the mating habits of New Zealand duskies, calf rearing, sexual segregation, and genetic relationships. Other chapters address the interaction of dusky dolphins with humans. This book offers information about dusky dolphins off Southern Africa and discussions about the patterns of sympatry in Lagenorhynchus and Cephalorhynchus. Finally, comparisons between dusky dolphins and great apes as large-brained mammals are also reviewed in this book. - Only book fully devoted to the southern hemisphere qduskyq dolphin - Heavily illustrated with charts, figures, tables, and all color photos - Written by a cadre of experts intimately familiar with dolphin field work - Written in an accurate yet accessible style for the scientist and natural historian alikeIn Golfo San JosAc, Argentina calves of dusky dolphins were also born mainly during the austral summer (WA¼rsig and WA¼rsig 1980). Testis weight and seasonal recrudescence Five of the nine adult males collected by Cipriano (1992 ) in Newanbsp;...

Title:The Dusky Dolphin
Author:Bernd Wursig, Melany Wursig
Publisher:Academic Press - 2009-07-17


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