The Early Years Matter

The Early Years Matter

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This accessible and engaging work introduces current and future teachers, child care providers, and others interested in early childhood education to the importance of the early years in childrena€™s well-being and success. It summarizes the research on the value of high-quality services for young children, families, and society, showing why early education matters both today and into the future. Emphasizing the need to understand and respect young childrena€™s strengths and unique characteristics, the authors offer inspiration for working in the field, as well as addressing the realistic challenges of implementing developmentally appropriate care and education. Each chapter begins with an introductory vignette focused on one child whose experiences are typical of other children in the same age group or life circumstances, using that childa€™s experiences to draw out what the best research tells us about why early care and education matters for that group of children. The book also features first-person narratives by early childhood professionals working in a range of positions who offer insight into the complexity and joys of working with or on behalf of young children. Suggestions for further reading and concluding questions for reflection, dialogue, and action make The Early Years Matter a perfect resource for courses and professional development. a€œHyson and Tomlinson do not simply provide a straightforward and comprehensive view of early childhood education; they humanize it through the experiences of children, families, and early childhood professionals. They leave the reader with a clear understanding of the myriad of ways in which high-quality early childhood education programs matter in the early years, and they matter a lot.a€ a€”From the Foreword by Jacqueline Jones a€œThis book does a remarkable job of inviting future and current practitioners further into the world of the early childhood profession. It provides clear, interesting, and succinct overviews of issues critical for those working in early childhood to understand, weaving in the most recent developments in research, policy, and practice in accessible ways. Each section of the book also literally puts a face on a selected issue, inviting readers to meet a child and family experiencing the issue, as well as colleagues focusing on it in their work. The Early Years Matter is engaginga€”both a pleasure to read and effective in welcoming readers to take part in work of great significance.a€ a€”Martha Zaslow, director, Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD), Office for Policy and CommunicationsFor example, one expecta- tion is that by the end of 1st grade, Carlos and other children should be able to a€œRetell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.a€ In math, children should beanbsp;...

Title:The Early Years Matter
Author:Marilou Hyson, Heather Biggar Tomlinson
Publisher:Teachers College Press - 2014-12-04


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