The Earth Remains Forever

The Earth Remains Forever

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Writing especially for people who've tuned out the environmental debate, Rob Jackson persuasively argues that we're at a crucial turning point in environmental history, where choices we make now will determine the quality of life into the unforeseeable future. Laying out the scientific facts in plain language and with flashes of humor, he shows how the escalation of population growth and resource consumption in the twentieth century caused problems from ozone depletion to global warming, habitat destruction, and biodiversity loss. At the same time, however, he highlights ongoing solutions to these problems and ways in which we can create a sustainable future for subsequent generations and all life on earth. His urgent message is not that we've already failed, but that we can succeed.Decreasing the total number of ozone molecules increases the chance that the photon will reach the earth. ... The total ozone column is what protects us from the suna#39;s UV rays. ... increase the risk of skin cancer, as does living at a high altitude ( where there is less atmosphere) or nearer the tropics (where there is more light).

Title:The Earth Remains Forever
Author:Rob Jackson
Publisher:University of Texas Press - 2010-07-05


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