The Ecology of the Fish Pond Ecosystem

The Ecology of the Fish Pond Ecosystem

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An understanding of the ecology of a fish pond is essential for the achievement of steady and high fish production in ponds. For the ecologist, the fish pond is a small laboratory: easy to investigate and responding rapidly to manipulation. For the aquaculturist, the ecology shows the ways and means of interventions ensuring an increase of production. The book deals with the different aspects of natural production within a pond, referring it to African conditions: considering first the role of soil as source and sink of nutrients for the water, then nutrient cycling within water and the fate of fertilizers added to ponds, and finally the contribution of natural productivity to fish production. The important sum of information brought together in this volume is valuable for both aquaculturist and ecologist, who lack a handbook on the ecology of a fish pond. It will capture the interest of African aquaculturists and stimulate aquaculture research on natural production.radiation on the dynamics of dissolved oxygen in channel catfish ponds. Trans. am. Fish. Soc. 108: 473a€“478. Romaire, R. P. ... Bacterivorous flagellates as food resource for the freshwater crustacean zooplankter Daphnia ambigua. Limnol. Oceanogr. ... Shapiro, J., 1990. Biomanipulation: the next phase - making it stable .

Title:The Ecology of the Fish Pond Ecosystem
Author:Guy Delincé
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-03-09


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