The Ecology of the Indonesian Seas

The Ecology of the Indonesian Seas

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Located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and between the Asian and Australian continents, the seas of the Indonesian Archipelago have a significant role in global weather patterns and oceanic circulation. The dynamic interplay between geological, physical, chemical, and biological processes, past and present, has given rise to one of the most diverse marine regions on the planet. The exceptional marine and coastal ecosystem diversity of the Indonesian archipelago provides hundredsof habitats that support thousands of species. This treasure-trove of marine biodiversity has sustained the people of the archipelago for thousands of years. Population growth and socio-economic development place many of these resources at increasing risk of overexploitation. Using maps and numerous illustrations, The Ecology of the Indonesian Seas describes the complex and ecologically vulnerable coastal and marine ecosystems of the region in rich detail. Discussion of development, resourceuse and ecologically sustainable management plans is also incorporated. The first step towards sustainable use of marine and coastal resources, this book will be a valuable tool for ecologists, marine biologists, resource managers, government planners, and all those with an interest in the ecology of the region. Bound in two parts, of which this is the second, The Ecology of the Indonesian Seas is part of The Ecology of Indonesia Series.Indian Gondwanaland. CeoL Sor. Malaysia BulI l9: l03-l07. ... Caddy, J. F. (l993l. Toward a comparative ... Coastal Ecosystem Management: A technical manual for the conservation of coastal zone rerourter. Jobn Wiley aamp; Sons, New York, pp.

Title:The Ecology of the Indonesian Seas
Author:Tomas Tomascik
Publisher: - 1997


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