The Economy of the Earth

The Economy of the Earth

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Mark Sagoff draws on the last twenty years of debate over the foundations of environmentalism in this comprehensive revision of The Economy of the Earth. Posing questions pertinent to consumption, cost-benefit analysis, the normative implications of neo-Darwinism, the role of the natural in national history, and the centrality of the concept of place in environmental ethics, he analyses social policy in relation to the environment, pollution, the workplace, and public safely and health. Sagoff distinguishes ethical from economic questions and explains which kinds of concepts, arguments, and processes are appropriate to each. He offers a critique 'preference' and 'willingness to pay' as measures of value in environmental economics and defends political, cultural, aesthetic, and ethical reasons to protect the natural environment.For discussion, see Robert Fogel, The Escape from Hunger and Premature Death, 1700a€”2100 (Cambridge: ... 3 (2006): 709a€”710; A. Balmford, R. E. Green, and J. P. W. Scharlemann, a€Sparing Land for Nature: Exploring the Potential Impact of Changes in Agricultural Yield on the Area Needed for Crop Production, a€ Global Change Biology 11 (2005): 1594a€” 1605. ... feed devoted to animal maintenance and increase the proportion used to produce usable animal productsa€) Lester R.

Title:The Economy of the Earth
Author:Mark Sagoff
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2007-12-03


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