The Edge of Night

The Edge of Night

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To support her small daughter, April Ortiz does what she has to doa€”which means waiting tables in a skimpy outfit at a popular nightclub in the gang-infested area of Chula Vista. When one of her co-workers is found raped and murdered, April does what she knows she shouldna€™ta€”she defies the neighborhood code by giving the police a hardcore gang membera€™s name. Clean-cut cop Noah Young wants a shot at breaking this case more than anything in the worlda€”that is, until he meets the unforgettable April Ortiz. When April gives Noah the tip, a spark ignites. As the fire between them threatens to blaze out of control, the two are dragged down further into the dark mysteries of the graffiti-lined streets, taunted by a crazed killer who could strike again at any time. From the Paperback edition.a€œFrom what I hear, Eric doesna#39;t have that problem.a#39; They walked outside together, where Cristinaa#39;s Ford Fiesta was waiting. As she drove to the beach, she continued to chatter about boyfriends and penis size, sharing a wealth of information.

Title:The Edge of Night
Author:Jill Sorenson
Publisher:Bantam - 2011-04-05


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