The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making

The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making

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Human development is a long and steady process that began with stone tool making. Because of this skill, humans were able to adapt to climate changes, discover new territories, and invent new technologies. qPressure knappingq is the common term for one method of creating stone tools, where a larger device or blade specifically made for this purpose is use to press out the stone tool. Pressure knapping was invented in different locations and at different points in time, representing the adoption of the Neolithic way of life in the Old world. Recent research on pressure knapping has led for the first time to a global thesis on this technique. The contributors to this seminal work combine research findings on pressure knapping from different cultures around the globe to develope a cohesive theory. This contributions to this volume represents a significant development to research on pressure knapping, as well as the field of lithic studies in general. This work will be an important reference for anyone studying the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods, lithic studies, technologies, and more generally, cultural transmission.Dyckerhoff, Ursula 1982 Itzcolotli, der Druckstab der Aztekishchen Obsidian- Hanwerker. Mexicon 4(2): ... Ellis, Henry Holmes 1938 Lithic Problems. ... Jeffrey, and Kenneth G. Hirth 2003 Handheld Prismatic Blade Manufacture in Mesoamerica.

Title:The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making
Author:Pierre M. Desrosiers
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-03-13


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